Power and Water cannot prevent storms, animals or other factors affecting the power network, however we can ensure our network is in the best condition to withstand our harsh climates and growing customer needs.

The Mervyn Davies Report in 2009 recommended a significant investment in the Territory's power networks, specifically zone substations where electricity is transformed from high transmission voltages to the lower voltages that come into your street and home.

Since that report, Power and Water has improved analysis technology to earlier identify developing weaknesses or signs of ageing in equipment.

As the ramped-up testing progressed across the Territory, Power and Water identified the need to upgrade and replace several of the older zone substations and build a new one to support growing customer load.

Casuarina Zone Substation, which had a series of failures in 2008, has been replaced with new equipment on the same site.

Leanyer Zone Substation supplies the new suburbs of Lyons and Muirhead, as well as increasing electricity supply security for Royal Darwin and Darwin Private hospitals.

Woolner Zone Substation has replaced Snell Street Zone Substation, supporting Darwin city and industrial areas