Settlements Timetable

The Market Operator is required to publish an annual settlements timetable for the calendar year, in accordance with the System Control Technical Code.

The annual settlements timetable for 2019 is now available.

The annual settlements timetable for 2018 is now available.

The annual settlements timetable for 2017 is now available.

2018 I-NTEM Calendar

Mth IDSettlements Period StartSettlements Period EndPreliminary StatementAdjustments DueFinal StatementPayment Date13 Week Revised StatementMth ID
1Mon 1-Jan-18Wed 31-Jan-18Wed 7-Feb-18Wed 21-Feb-18Mon 26-Feb-18N/AWed 2-May-181
2Thu 1-Feb-18Wed 28-Feb-18Wed 7-Mar-18Wed 21-Mar-18Mon 26-Mar-18N/AWed 30-May-182
3Thu 1-Mar-18Sat 31-Mar-18Mon 9-Apr-18Mon 23-Apr-18Fri 27-Apr-18N/AMon 2-Jul-183
4Sun 1-Apr-18Mon 30-Apr-18Tue 8-May-18Tue 22-May-18Fri 25-May-18N/AMon 30-Jul-184
5Tue 1-May-18Thu 31-May-18Thu 7-Jun-18Fri 22-Jun-18Wed 27-Jun-18N/AThu 30-Aug-185
6Fri 1-Jun-18Sat 30-Jun-18Fri 6-Jul-18Friday 20-Jul-18Wed 25-Jul-18N/AMon 1-Oct-186
7Sun 1-Jul-18Tue 31-Jul-18Wed 8-Aug-18Wed 22-Aug-18Mon 27-Aug-18N/ATue 30-Oct-187
8Wed 1-Aug-18Fri 31-Aug-18Fri 7-Sep-18Fri 21-Sep-18Wed 26-Sept-18N/AFri 30-Nov-188
9Sat 1-Sep-18Sun 30-Sep-18Fri 5-Oct-18Fri 19-Oct-18Wed 24-Oct-18N/AWed 2-Jan-199
10Mon 1-Oct-18Wed 31-Oct-18Wed 7-Nov-18Wed 21-Nov-18Mon 26-Nov-18N/AWed 30-Jan-1910
11Thu 1-Nov-18Fri 30-Nov-18Thu 7-Dec-18Fri 21-Dec-18Fri 28-Dec-18N/AFri 1-Mar-1911
12Mon 1-Dec-18Mon 31-Dec-18Tue 8-Jan-19Tue 22-Jan-19Fri 25-Jan-19N/AMon 1-Apr-1912

* Settlement timetable adjustments for the festive season.

Monday, 1 January 2018New Year's Day
Friday, 26 January 2018Australia Day
Friday, 30 March 2018Good Friday
Saturday, 31 March 2018Easter Saturday
Monday, 2 April 2018Easter Monday
Wednesday, 25 April 2018Anzac Day
Monday, 7 May 2018May Day
Monday, 11 June 2018Queen's Birthday
Friday, 27 July 2018Show Day
Monday, 6 August 2018Picnic Day
Tuesday, 25 December 2018Christmas Day
Wednesday, 26 December 2018Boxing Day
Tuesday, 1 January 2019New Year's Day
Monday, 28 January 2019Australia Day Public Holiday