Authorisations to work on Power and Water apparatus (including AARs)

Access to Apparatus
Access to Apparatus

Changes to contractor management (effective from 1 July 2015)

Existing contracting companies will be required to upload copies of all relevant licences and training records into the new SitePass Contractor Management System to substantiate authorisation requests. All required information will be clearly detailed to assist with this process. More information is available in the user guide.

New contracting companies will be asked to follow the self-registration process for their employees and subcontractors. For more information please follow the instructions in the user guide.


All Power and Water Corporation staff and contractors accessing specific equipment or sites are required to be authorised before completing the work. This also includes non Power and Water contractors who may be working in the vicinity of the Corporation's infrastructure. Since 2012, Power and Water has followed the Access to Apparatus Rules (AAR), which sets out principles and responsibilities for safe access to all apparatus, confined spaces and for hot work in high risk areas owned, controlled or operated by Power and Water. In addition to AAR, the Corporation's business units may also have specific authorisation requirements.

Information for contractors

Power and Water has implemented a new online SitePass Contractor Management System often referred to as SitePass. This system facilitates the monitoring of a contractors’ compliance to the authorisation rules. Contractors are asked to provide evidence that they have the appropriate skills, qualifications, licences and have completed relevant Power and Water authorisation training before undertaking any work.

Contractor management workflow

The SitePass workflow consists of four stages:

  1. Register - Contractors register their business to access the contractor management system. Thereafter they can register their employees.
  2. Upload - Contractors upload any relevant licences and qualifications for their employees.
  3. Train - Contractors and their employees complete the Power and Water Corporation online or external training.
  4. Verify - The information provided by contractors is verified prior to issuing the contractor and their employee’s authorisation card.

Go to SitePass.

Note: All requirements must be uploaded to avoid delay in granting authorisation

If you wish to obtain more information about AAR procedures please contact your Power and Water site contact.


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