Contractor safety

Contractor safety

Power and Water contractors are part of our safety vision of "Zero Harm". We will only engage contractors who conform to Power and Water safety standards.

For information contact Power and Water's Contractor Safety Advisors on (08) 8924 5188.

Approved products for construction of new infrastructure

Power and Water maintains a catalogue of approved products for construction of water supply and sewerage infrastructure to be incorporated into Power and Water's network. Approved products are listed in the Water Supply and Sewerage Approved Products Manual.

Suppliers and manufacturers may seek information on applications for approved product status from the Senior Engineer Asset Management on (08) 8985 7136.

Power distribution materials are listed in Standard Drawings, at Design and Construction Guidelines. Most suppliers in the Northern Territory can advise whether an item has been approved by the Standards Section. If there is any doubt, please phone the Standards Engineer on (08) 8924 5820.

For general information on contracting and consulting in power distribution, please contact the Manager Network Engineering on (08) 8924 5191.