Living Water Smart

Power and Water's Living Water Smart team provide rebates to customers through you, our registered suppliers.

It is important that customers taking up our rebates know, understand and consent to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Suppliers registered with Living Water Smart will collect water use information and provide this to Power and Water.
  2. Registered suppliers will collect customer contact details including their name, phone number and email address as well as the property water meter number and provide these to Power and Water by completing this online form.
  3. Power and Water may contact the customer to discuss the water use data through phone, email and online surveys.
  4. The conditions for the rebate are met (this varies depending on rebate service claimed and can be checked through


By ticking each of these boxes and entering the customers details, you as the registered supplier are confirming you have asked the customer and they have given consent to store the required data.

Confirmation of this consent will be sent to the customer via the contact details provided in this form and will be verified by Power and Water's Living Water Smart team.

Does the customer consent to *

Does the customer consent to *

Does the customer consent to *

Does the customer consent to *

Please note: If you are a landlord, tenant or property manager, please ensure all relevant parties are aware of the rebate service and consent to this information being shared.

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Registered service supplier

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Every now and again, Living Water Smart sends localised information, updates and water efficiency tips to customers who have accessed a rebate, via email. Would you like to receive these updates? *