Indigenous employment and career development

Power and Water Corporation's Indigenous Employment and Career Development Strategy (IECDS) 2015-2020 is an integral part of the corporation's commitment to increasing Indigenous employment and career development opportunities. The IECDS outlines actions aimed at increasing Indigenous participation in our workforce in the next five years.

Key priority areas

  • Targets for Indigenous employment and participation
    Ensuring a commitment to Indigenous career pathways is built, maintained and followed by the corporation as a whole.
  • Engagement and support
    Providing a mentoring and support system to Indigenous employees, trainees and apprentices to assist their career growth.
  • Attraction and retention of Indigenous people
    Providing recognition and support for all Indigenous employees throughout the corporation to provide equal opportunities and career growth.
  • Whole of corporation development to build capability and careers
    Power and Water supports the career development of its Indigenous employees and is committed to increasing their capability through development opportunities across the corporation.

What is involved?

The IECDS outlines some of the following key initiatives:

  • a partnership with the Michael Long Learning and Leadership Centre – engaging with young Indigenous people from remote communities across the Northern Territory
  • a recruitment plan for Indigenous apprentices and trainees, including the introduction of Special Measures to the recruitment process
  • implementing an Indigenous employment working group to act as advocates and a network for Indigenous employment initiatives
  • recognition of skills that Indigenous employees have gained while working for Power and Water and assisting them to gain accredited qualifications.

Contact information

If you would like more information on Power and Water's Indigenous employment and career development, please email the Indigenous Employment team.