Unplanned outages

Electricity supply interruptions may last for less than a second or several hours. While every utility experiences outages, there is a greater likelihood of unplanned outages in the tropical wet season or during summer storms.

Power outages are commonly caused by tree limbs, vegetation or debris falling onto lines; bats, birds or snakes around the top of the pole or even high winds causing lines to clash.

Powerlines stretch for hundreds of kilometres, particularly in rural areas where power is supplied from Darwin or Alice Springs. Finding the cause of an outage can take time as crews need to patrol the line until they identify the problem. Crews will restore power to small groups of customers as they determine a section of line is safe.

If you are experiencing a power outage:

  • Check our planned works page for maintenance in your area.
  • Follow PowerWaterCorp on Facebook or Twitter for updates, Monday to Friday between 8am and 4.30pm Central Standard Time.
  • In the event of widespread outages, including severe weather related interruptions, please refer to our current bulletins.
  • Call 1800 245 092 at any time of day or night, but please allow 15 minutes before calling us. The majority of power outages are caused when something connects with a powerline, triggering a protection system that disconnects the power. This is for your safety. It could be a vehicle hitting a pole or a falling tree bringing down powerlines. National standards require us to wait 15 minutes before attempting to re-energise the line.

If you see a life threatening or dangerous situation such as a powerline on the ground, call 000 or the Power and Water emergency line on 1800 245 090 immediately.

If you are experiencing a 'brown out' or reduced power and your lights are dimmed, but not out, phone us on 1800 245 092. Turn off sensitive appliances such as your fridge, pumps or washing machine immediately.

If Power and Water advises that electricity supply to your area has been reconnected but your power is still off, your home may have sustained storm damage independent of our main network. Check whether your neighbours have power then phone us on 1800 245 090 to report the fault.