Water wise garden

Power and Water worked with the Nursery and Garden Institute of the NT to develop How to create a water wise garden in the Top End and Water wise action in Central Australia to offer more specific local advice.

Visit the Living Water Smart website for great ideas on how to save water in the garden and outdoors.

Save water in your garden:

  • Wash the car on the lawn, with a trigger nozzle, rather than watering your cement. Same goes for the dog and bike.
  • Fix any dripping tap immediately - one drip per second wastes 30 litres a day.
  • Water your garden at night or early in the morning when less water evaporates - and don't water when it has been raining or is very windy.
  • Use a tap timer so you don't forget to turn the watering system off.
  • Don't mow your lawn too short, if the roots are shaded less water will evaporate.
  • Mulch your garden beds: mulch increases your garden's water retention and as it breaks down adds to the nutrient content.
  • Choose plant species native to your area, they will be more tolerant to the weather conditions.
  • Try to put plants with the same watering requirements together to make planning your watering and irrigation easier.