Water is not an endless resource and we need to start using water more wisely so Territorians can enjoy a good water supply in the future.

Use our home water use calculator to complete a home water audit and identify ways you can save. On average,  60% of a household's water use is in the garden, so that's a good place to start looking when considering how you can cut back.

The Darwin Water Story tells the real story of water in Darwin, how much we use, how much we could save, and the options available to meet future demand.

Territorians use more than twice the amount of water as the rest of Australia, perhaps thinking we have abundant rain in the Top End, but the Territory is not immune to changing weather patterns and an increasing population is placing more demand on water resources. Darwin's major water source, Darwin River Dam, is also subject to high evaporation. 

Green Guide

In the Green Guide you'll find more simple ideas you and your family can start using right now, as well as things to consider in those situations where you're able to plan ahead. The booklet includes general information about choosing appliances and cooling your home, as well as tips for specific rooms.

View our Green Guide or download our corporate publications app (iPhone, iPad and android) by searching for the terms Power and Water Corporation Publications.

Practical ways to help reduce your water bill

Save on your water bill by changing to these water saving habits:

  • Cut your showers down to four minutes and save up to $350 a year, based on a household of four having two eight minute showers a day.
  • Convert to a water efficient shower head and save up to $190 a year, based on a household of four having two four minute showers a day.
  • For a household of four, a water efficient dual flush toilet will save about $45 a year over a single flush toilet.
  • Sweep your driveway instead of hosing and save around $50 a year, based on an average 30 minutes of hosing a week.
  • Use a 5 star water efficient washing machine and save around $50 a year, based on five loads of washing a week.
  • Reduce the time you water your garden from one hour to only 30 minutes a day and save up to $190 a year, based on watering your garden for 200 days a year.

For more saving ideas:

Try saving 10 buckets of water a day, it's easy.

On average, each Top Ender uses 55 buckets of water a day. In Alice Springs each person averages 70 buckets a day – more than twice as much as most Australians. Find out how you can use 10 less buckets of water a day - save money on your bill and preserve our natural resources.

For more ideas on how to save buckets go to our fact sheet.

Help save the planet!

Whether you're a student, a teacher or just curious, take advantage of our interactive online education resource at helpsavetheplanet.com.auThe interactive power and water cycles explain, in simple terms, how electricity is generated in the Territory and where drinking water comes from. The site includes online resources for students and teachers to use at home or at school, such as online games and quizzes, desktop wallpapers, information sheets and colouring-in sheets. These can be downloaded and printed as well.

Help save the planet - Power and Water