Zero-Export Limiter Device List

The following list contains devices from a technical perspective that are capable of achieving zero-export for PV systems. Some of these devices offer protection functions similar to the internal protection found within a CEC approved inverter.

It is up to the PV system designer to ensure that the protection functions provided by the zero-export limiter are capable of meeting Power and Water's protection setpoints as detailed in Technical Requirements for Grid Connection of Photovoltaic Systems via Inverters.

Devices capable of achieving Zero-Export:

  • ABB inverters with compatible meter
  • BCJ Controls Grid Protect
  • ComAp InteliMains
  • ComAp InteliPro
  • Crisp Power and Control – Zero Export Solar System
  • EBA Grid Control Unit GCU-30C
  • Enphase Envoy S-Metered + DRM
  • Fronius – Datamanager with Fronius Smart Meter
  • GNT Engineering ZED series
  • HLP Controls PE200
  • HLP Controls PE200-SILG
  • HLP Controls PE200-Z
  • Integrelec SPS01303-ABB Feed in limiter
  • Integrelec SPS01330-ABB Feed in limiter
  • Integrelec SPS023150-ABB Feed in limiter
  • Magellan Solar Gate
  • PM Control - SolarTune
  • Power & Drive Renewable Solutions Non Export Unit
  • S4Solar Zero Export Controller
  • Schneider Electric Modicon M241 (limited inverter compatibility)
  • Selectronic SP PRO/SP PRO GO series
  • SMA Solar Technology – Cluster Controller with SMA Energy Meter
  • SMA Solar Technology – Data Manager M with compatible energy meter
  • SMA Solar Technology – Sunny Home Manager 1.0 with SMA Energy Meter
  • SMA Solar Technology – Sunny Home Manager 2.0
  • Sol Distribution Sol-0-X Grid Export Limiting System for SMA Inverters
  • Solar Log 1200 PM+
  • SolarEdge Feed-in Limitation
  • Solarmatrix Compact Level 1
  • Solarmatrix LOF
  • SolaX Power Hybrid Series
  • Voltlogic VLI105P1
  • Zero Export Controls Australia CEC3000
  • Zeus Appollo Anti Reverse Current Box (limited inverter compatibility)
  • Zeus Appollo Z21 Hybrid Series

Last updated 16 June 2017