Planned works program

Power and Water’s program of planned maintenance and upgrade works is an essential part of delivering safe and reliable power, water and sewerage services to Territorians.

Power and Water is responsible for electricity transmission and distribution and provides water and sewerage services across the Northern Territory, an area of more than 1.3 million square kilometres.

Power and Water also supplies electricity generation and retail services to 72 remote communities through its not-for-profit subsidiary, Indigenous Essential Services Pty Ltd (IES).

Power and Water operates eight minor power stations in smaller townships and 68 remote community power stations, largely diesel-powered.

Over 5900km of overhead lines, 3100km of underground cable and poles and towers connect domestic and commercial customers to the Territory electricity network.

The environmental challenges we face in maintaining the network include cyclones, severe storms, damage from trees and wildlife, especially flying foxes (bats).

We provide water and sewerage services in the Territory’s five major centres, water in 13 minor centres and sewerage services in five of those.

Water is pumped through some 2301km of mains across 18 centres. Sewer mains in our eight centres stretch 1175km.

It is necessary to maintain these services through a program of regular maintenance and upgrades. This includes tree trimming, electricity supply upgrades and sewer and water works.

Notices are distributed prior to works commencing and advertised in the NT News and on some local radio stations.

Information is also provided on Facebook and Twitter and at

Information about significant unplanned outages may also appear at

If you see Power and Water infrastructure that appears damaged or out of place, email, complete our feedback form or call us on 1800 245 090.

In an emergency, call 000 or our faults and emergency line 1800 245 090 any time.

For all general enquiries involving power, water or sewerage services call 1800 245 092.