Most Power and Water customers have a power meter and a water meter, although some may only have a power meter.

Meter readers will access these once every three months so we can send you a correct account for your water and electricity use.

You can access and read your meter yourself. These simple guides will help you read your power meter and read your water meter

You can report your meter reading for electricity and water to us online, and we will visit you once a year to verify your account. 

If we cannot access your property to read the meter, we will estimate your account. When we do read the meter, we will adjust your next account accordingly.

If you would like to keep your gate locked, we encourage you to purchase a Power and Water padlock (with a fully-refundable deposit) so we can access your property to read your meter and issue correct accounts.

Refer to Estimated reads for more information.

Domestic customers can also choose to have a pre-payment meter and purchase tokens to pay for electricity in advance. 

Suspect a leak? 

Knowing how to read your meter is handy if you suspect you have a water leak on your property. You might have a higher water bill than usual or notice an unusually green patch on your lawn where a pipe underground is leaking.

You can test for a leak by turning off all the taps on your property and reading the water meter.

Make sure nobody uses any water for three hours - don't turn on any taps, flush the toilet or use appliances like the washing machine or dishwasher. Check the meter again and if the measure has changed, you have a leak. 

You might be able to find the leak yourself and fix it, or call in a plumber.