Estimated reads

Power and Water's meter reading process is in line with industry standards and meters are read as part of customers’ 90 day billing cycle.

However, there are times when we have to estimate your meter read. If this happens it will be shown on your bill as an estimated read.

An estimated bill is based on average daily consumption from the same read period last year.

Why did you receive an estimated bill?

You may have received an estimated bill because our meter readers were not able to access your meter. There are many reasons why this may have occurred. Maybe there is a dog on the premises or your meter is behind a locked gate.

If a meter reader can't access your meter, a card is left asking you to call through the meter read or submit it online:

The bill is only estimated if no meter reading is submitted or available.

How are bill adjustments made?

If your bill has been estimated and we subsequently receive an actual meter reading from you, we will adjust your next bill based on that actual meter reading.

Is an estimated bill valid?

An estimated bill is based on the average daily consumption from the same read period last year. We calculate the estimate in line with industry standards.

An estimated bill is valid and therefore payable, the same as a normal bill. Any required adjustment will occur in the next bill following an actual meter reading.

What can you do?

If you receive an estimated bill and it is higher than anticipated, you can read your meter and compare it to the estimated reading. If the estimated reading is substantially higher than your actual reading, please contact us.

If you receive an estimated bill, you may also request a verification of meter reading data and a special meter reading. Please note that a special meter reading may incurr an additional fee.

It is important that our meter readers have easy access to your meter. To reduce the likelihood of receiving an estimated bill, please remember you are required to allow access and keep the area surrounding your meter safe and clear.

We are obliged to obtain one actual meter read each year. If you receive three estimated meter reads in a 12 month period you will receive a letter inviting you to arrange a formal read.

You can read your own meter to receive an accurate bill

You can report your meter reading to us so we can issue an accurate bill.

You can submit your meter reading online:

You will need your Customer ID number and meter number which can be found on your previous bill. The online form will guide you, step by step, through the process of entering your meter reading.

Alternatively you can submit your reading by calling us on 1800 245 092.