Understanding your bill - comparing bills

Your bill can be a valuable aid in identifying how your water is being consumed. 

Here are some helpful points to consider when comparing your Power and Water bill with a previous one:

  • Always compare consumption for the same period in the previous year. For example, January to April 2012 compared with January to April 2013. Weather affects how much water we use, so comparing the same period each year will give you a more accurate comparison.
  • Check the number of days in the billing period as they can vary and affect the comparison.
  • Does the bill show an amount in arrears? Have you since paid that amount? Sometimes you might pay an outstanding amount after your latest bill has been issued.
  • Consider current weather conditions. Has it been a very hot season?
  • Are you spending more or less time at home compared with the same billing period last year?

Here are some hints for reducing your bill:

  • Your meters can be used to monitor your consumption. Check your meter regularly and find out what it is telling you about your consumption. Your water meter can be used to discover any leaks, see Meters for more information.
  • Virtual Energy AuditHome water use calculatorOur Virtual Energy Audit is an excellent tool to get a feel for how much power you are using now and how you can reduce usage. Use our online energy and water audits to find out where you are consuming energy and water in and around your home.
  • For more practical ways to help you reduce your power and water bill go to Save on your bill.