Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to connect power?

Power and Water applies a connection fee  to arrange connection of electricity services. The fee is applied every time you move property and we do not require a safety deposit. Complete the Connection Form online.

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How can I keep my property secure and still get accurate accounts for electricity and water?

If we are unable to access your property we will estimate your account. When we do read the meter, it is possible that the estimation may have been higher than what was actually used, and this will mean your next bill will be lower. To ensure that this does not happen to you, we encourage customers to purchase a Power and Water padlock (on payment of a deposit which is fully refundable on return of the padlock). The padlock is operated using a master key. Of course, we have stringent security at our end for the keys.

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How do I read my own meter for billing purposes?

We require to know the first four digits to calculate your bill. This tells us how many kilolitres (thousands of litres) of water you have used.

All of the numbers on your electricity meter are required, the easiest way to take the reading is to read the meter from left to right.

For more information see meters.

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I’m having financial problems and can't pay my bill. What can I do?

Your Power and Water bill can be paid off in instalments by entering into an arrangement to pay, once you have met certain guidelines. To organise this, simply contact our Customer Services Centre on 1800 245 092. Penalties may apply if these arrangements are not kept.

For more information see assisting customers in need fact sheet.

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How can I save money on my power bill?

  • Keep all appliances in good working order.
  • Clean air conditioner filters regularly.
  • Check the solar hot water booster is turned off.
  • Check that your spa or pool timer is set correctly.
  • For more information see our how to reduce your bill page.

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Where can I pay my bill?

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How do streetlights get fixed?

We rely on the public’s assistance to let us know if streetlights are not working. If you see a streetlight that is not working please contact us on 1800 245 092 with the following information:

  • street name
  • name of nearby cross street
  • if more than one streetlight is out
  • if possible the actual streetlight number (fixed on the streetlight itself on a metal plate located about head-height).

Use our online form to report a faulty streetlight.

We aim to fix individual streetlights within five days and banks (or sets of 10 to 30 streetlights) within 24 hours.

For more information about streetlight maintenance please read our fact sheet.

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What concessions do Power and Water offer?

Power and Water administers pensioner concessions for electricity, water and sewerage services on behalf of the Northern Territory Government. To register, take your NT Pensioner Concession card to any Power and Water Customer Service Centre. Future accounts will then show the concession granted.

For further information please read the Pensioner and Carer Concession Scheme Guidelines and Application Booklet, available from the Northern Territory Government .

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Why am I getting charged for sewerage when my property is a vacant block?

It is a Government Gazetted charge which is applied due to the fact that the sewerage pipes are running past the property.

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What if my electricity has gone out?

Check for planned works that may require the temporary shut down of power in your area (these  are also advertised in your local paper).

If your power goes out - from the safety of your own home (during a storm), look out the window or contact neighbours to check if the interruption is affecting only your property or if it is more widespread.

If the interruption is only affecting your property, check that your circuit breaker or safety switch has not operated. If either of these has caused the interruption, you may need to call a NT licensed electrical contractor for advice.

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What if my lights are dull or flickering?

If you're experiencing dull or flickering lights, 'brown out', low voltage or partial supply - turn off and unplug sensitive electrical appliances at the power point. Do not touch your switchboard or anything metal in your home and call 1800 245 090 immediately.

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What if I am having problems with my water service?

Check for planned works that may require the temporary shut down of water supplies in your area (these are also advertised in your local paper).

If you are experiencing no water flow or low pressure first check the tap located on your water meter to ensure it is fully open.  Look to see if there is a leak and if you can see if it is between the meter and your house or the meter and the road.

If you are able to ascertain that the problem is related to taps, the hot water service or other water pipes within your property (premises and grounds) you may need to call a NT licensed plumber to advise you.

Power and Water do not maintain storm water drains or irrigations sytems on roads, parks or sporting grounds. Please call your local Council or Shire Office for advice.

'Dirty' or discoloured water?

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What if I am having problems with my toilet or sewerage service?

Check for planned works that may require the temporary interruption of sewerage services in your area (these are also advertised in your local paper).

If your toilet is blocked, not flushing properly or you have sewerage or waste water backing up through your home, you may need need to call a NT licensed plumber to advise you if the blockage is within your property or related to the sewer mains.

Your overflow relief gully (ORG) may be blocked. During heavy rain, the ORG ensures any sewage overflows happens outside your house, not in it. The ORG is a small drain covered by a grate next to your house. If it has potplants, tiles or other things sitting on top of it, or water running into it won’t work properly. Your ORG should be kept clear of roof drain pipes, pool backwash pipe connections and paving or landscaping sloping toward it. Take the time to check your ORG and make sure it’s working properly.

Some properties have a manhole leading into the sewerage system. If the manhole cover is damaged or dislodged, heavy rain could flood your local sewer. If you have a damaged or dislodged manhole cover in your yard, call Power and Water and report it.

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