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Tropical cyclone power restoration update

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Updated: 4.00pm, 28 March 2018

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The High Voltage (HV) and Low Voltage (LV) network is now restored allowing the majority of customers to have their power restored. Check whether your neighbours have power. If they have services and you don't, call our 24 hour faults line 1800 245 092.

Crews are attending to individual service connections in Darwin and greater Darwin areas.

Crews also continue to work on the power network, which is vulnerable to faults following the cyclone damage. Short outages may occur while these works take place.

Residents who are still without power due to damage caused by Cyclone Marcus are unable to operate their pumps until their services are restored. If you are running low on water go to Bore water advice during recovery period to help you plan.

Our power restoration response

Power and Water’s power restoration response is a three phase approach:

  • Phase 1 – Assess and make safe – restore power where possible to the HV network. This phase is being finalised.
  • Phase 2 – Systematic restoration of the HV network. This phase is nearing completion.
  • Phase 3 – Restoration of the LV network and commencement of some individual customers – where their installation connections have been damaged and a Certificate of Compliance (issued by a licensed electrician) is required to restore power.

Assess and make safe - our priority is safety - safety of people - our crews and the public

Please refrain from undertaking unsafe electrical repairs or assisting with tree clearing. In some cases, for safety reasons, these efforts may even delay the restoration of essential services. Read the Safety advice during recovery period for more details.

Always assume fallen powerlines are live and dangerous - stay away and stay safe. Call 1800 245 090 to report.

Remember - locked gates and unrestrained dangerous animals mean that our crews can't safely access your property to restore power.

During power outages, a reminder to switch off and unplug all non essential electrical equipment such as stove tops, ovens and hairdryers to avoid damage from power surges and to minimise the potential for electrical damage or house fire once your power is restored.

If you have damage to electricity service lines or wires that are down on your property, you need to contact a licensed electrician to reconnect power.

If the powerline attached to the fascia, or area under the roof edge, has pulled away from people’s houses or business’s, it is their responsibility to have a Northern Territory licensed electrician check their property and issue a Certificate of Compliance before we can reconnect  power. For more information go to Getting reconnected and Electricity service line on your property.

More information

Updates on restoration progress of power and water supply will be given in further updates on this page, local radio and at

Regular updates are also available by following @PowerWaterCorp on Facebook and Twitter.

Community information and weather maps are available from the Secure NT website.

For unplanned outage information follow PowerWaterCorp on Facebook and Twitter or call our Customer Service Centre on 1800 245 090.

If you are not on Twitter or Facebook, our feed also appears on this page as well as on our homepage.

In an emergency call 000 or 1800 245 090.

For planned outages go to Planned works.