Commercial carbon tax adjustment calculator

This calculator will help you calculate your savings resulting from the removal of carbon tax from your electricity and water bills from 1 July 2014.

Enter your consumption into the calculator.  It will then show you the estimated carbon tax saving. This information should be used as a guide only and does not include concessions.
Utility Period Quantity Rate ** Comparison
Estimated carbon
tax saving
Electricity Pre 1 July 2014  
After 1 July 2014 * 0.2979 *
Water Pre 1 July 2014  
After 1 July 2014 1.8165
Total savings
* The electricity price from 1 July 2014 is supplied by Jacana Energy 
** Rates included in the calculator do not include a customer's fixed daily charge as the carbon tax only applied to the variable c/kWh tariff component. 
For information on tariffs for power, water and sewerage see the pricing and tariffs page