Save on power & water in your business

There are things you can do to reduce your overheads by reducing your water costs.

Repair leaks. A tap leaking at one drip per second will waste more than 12,000 litres of water a year. If you can see a toilet leaking or hear it hissing you could be acting 96,400 litres a year.

Install water efficient products where possible, such as water efficient shower heads in hotel guest rooms and staff showers.

If you have a laundry, invest in water-efficient washing machines and energy-efficient dryers. 

Encourage staff or guests to use the half flush option where appropriate. Encourage them to fill the dishwasher before running it.

If you have a garden area:

Water after 8pm - in the day when the ground is hot, the water will evaporate.

Use mulch. It keeps water in and salt down, reducing evaporation by as much as 75 per cent.