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Whether you're a student, a teacher or just curious, take advantange of our interactive online education resource at

The interactive power and water cycles explain, in simple terms, how electricity is generated in the Territory and where drinking water comes from. The site includes online resources for students and teachers to use at home or at school, such as online games and quizzes, desktop wallpapersinformation sheets and colouring-in sheets. These can be downloaded and printed as well.

Visit us

Due to the nature of our business Power and Water workplaces often have large machinery, fuel and chemicals and so have significant occupational health and safety considerations. However in some cases it is possible to arrange school visits. Alternatively, at times some of our professional staff are available to come to schools to make presentations about our work. Call 1800 245 092 to make further enquiries.

Living remote

Power and Water is working to help residents in remote towns and communities conserve water and power.

Our Remote Operations team is working with selected communities – firstly those with limited water – on Community Water Planning to determine opportunities for water conservation. Remote Operations has developed materials on water conservation and water supplies for use in planning with community council clerks, housing groups, resource centres, traditional owners (men’s and women’s groups), health clinics and schools.

The outcomes of a Community Water Plan will be plans for future water sources, projects that may use or need to conserve water, what water needs the community has and an action plan on how the community and key stakeholders will be involved in water conservation.

For more information, community members can contact Remote Operations on 08 8924 5162.

Maps of our operations

There are four maps on our site. They show how widespread our operations are and how they are not interconnected, as in other places in Australia. You can see a map of the Northern Territory’s electricity supply, water supply, sewerage services and indigenous essential services.


There are many words in the electricity and water industries that you might not have heard anywhere else. Read our glossary for some definitions.