Structural separation of Power and Water

On Tuesday 6 May 2014, the Northern Territory Parliament passed a Bill to separate Power and Water Corporation into three separate government owned corporations (GOCs): Power and Water Corporation, a Power Retail Corporation (Jacana Energy) and a Power Generation Corporation (Territory Generation). The legislation came into effect on 1 July 2014.

Customers looking for information about how the separation of Power and Water affects the delivery of services to remote communities serviced by Indigenous Essential Services Pty Ltd (IES) are invited to view the Arrangements for remote IES communities.

What do the three government owned corporations do?



Power and Water Corporation logo 

Power and Water Corporation continues to manage the electricity network and remains the water and sewerage services provider.


 Jacana Energy Logo

Jacana Energy, the new electricity retailer, looks after electricity accounts and customer needs, issues bills and collects payments.


Territory Generation Logo


Territory Generation, the new power generator, supplies electricity to Jacana Energy. It will also supply any other electricity retailer that may enter the market in future.


The new corporations commenced operating on 1 July 2014. These changes are not affecting the delivery of electricity, water and sewerage services to our customers.



For a simple explanation of services provided by the three government-owned corporations, go to the Providing electricity, water and sewerage services, then and now fact sheet.

What are the benefits of these changes?

In the past, vertically integrated government owned utilities were the traditional model for delivering electricity and water supply across states and jurisdictions. From the early 1990s, state governments began to undertake market reforms and restructure their utilities companies in order to encourage more efficient and reliable services.

Fourteen years after the introduction of market and regulatory arrangements in 2000, the Northern Territory remained the only jurisdiction in Australia without effective competition in any part of the electricity supply chain.

Through these reforms, the Northern Territory will have improved accountability, transparency and efficiency in its energy sector, and consistency and uniformity with the rest of Australia.

This reform process is one way the Northern Territory will realise its full potential on the national stage and open doors to new opportunities. The energy sector reforms open up the possibility for the Northern Territory to enter the national electricity and gas market.

These changes also enable effective competition, which encourages supporting industries, technologies, developments and job opportunities.

How is billing affected?Jacana-Energy-and-your-new-electricity-bill---right-side-image

The most significant change for most Power and Water customers will be to receive a new electricity bill from Jacana Energy after 1 August. The first electricity bill will have two logos: Power and Water and Jacana Energy.

Customers who currently only pay for electricity will start to receive their new electricity bill directly from Jacana Energy after 1 August.

Customers who currently receive a combined bill for electricity, water and sewerage services will start to receive two bills after 1 August: one for electricity from Jacana Energy and one for water and sewerage from Power and Water.

Read the following brochures for more information:

Are payment options changing?

For convenience, customers can pay their Jacana Energy electricity bill in exactly the same way they pay their Power and Water bill. This includes through the Power and Water Pay Online gateway and through BPAY using the same biller code.  Power and Water will then process their payment on behalf of Jacana Energy.

Other payment options include direct debit, through the Jacana Energy call centre on 1800 448 894 or in person at an existing Power and Water shopfront or any Australia Post outlet.

What about electricity connections and disconnections?

Electricity connections and disconnections for Jacana Energy will be processed through existing channels including Power and Water shopfronts, call centres and online.

Is the Pensioner and Carer Concession Scheme continuing?

Yes. The Pensioner and Carer Concession Scheme is administered by the Department of Health and will continue to be available to both Power and Water customers and customers of Jacana Energy.

Are water and sewerage services also changing?

No, these services are staying with Power and Water. Nothing is changing in terms of service, or the way customers receive and pay their water and sewerage bill.

What about reporting faults and outages?

The electricity network is still managed by Power and Water, so all faults and outages should be reported to us either via your smart phone or tablet, online or through the call centre on 1800 245 092.

Will tariffs be affected?

The NT Government continues to set retail electricity, water and sewerage tariffs. The separation of Power and Water will not have an effect on the tariffs.

For more information on Power and Water's and Jacana Energy's pricing, see the following brochures:

Where can I get more information?

For more information about the separation of Power and Water, you can refer to: