West Lane elevated water tank refurbishment

Power and Water has upgraded the West Lane elevated water tank, extending the life of the tank and maintaining water quality for the Darwin city area.

The water tank refurbishment required replacement of the steel
tank roof and blasting of the internal tank liner

The upgrade of the 1.36 megalitre West Lane water tank
ensures the continued water quality supply for the Darwin
CBD and provides a low maintenance aluminium roof

Works undertaken

High pressure water blasting and sand blasting were required to remove the internal tank liner and replace with a high-grade epoxy coating with a life expectancy of greater than 20 years.

The existing steel roof and supports were replaced with an aluminium roof and supports improved access and edge fall protection.

The upgrade was delivered through a works arrangement with locally-based company Norblast.

Works began February 2018 with the project completed in February 2019.

The 1.36 megalitre West Lane water tank is a critical part of the water supply system of the Darwin central business district.

When the elevated tank was built in the early 1940s it was significantly more accessible, and the recent refurbishment required temporary road closures during crane works to remove and replace steel materials.