West Lane elevated water tank refurbishment

Power and Water is currently renovating the West Lane elevated water tank, extending the life of the tank and maintaining water quality for the Darwin city area.

Works began February 2018 with project completion expected by end-September 2018.

Works being undertaken

The internal tank liner is being replaced with a high-grade epoxy coating with a life expectancy of greater than 20 years.

The existing steel roof and supports are being replaced along with the tank roof handrails, and the internal access stairs are being improved to replace the current ladder access.

Works have been significantly progressed on the refurbishment, however, an increased work scope was uncovered after the removal of the roof which has extended the completion schedule for the tank beyond the initial planned completion date

How does it affect me?

Vehicle and pedestrian access will be restricted at times.

West Lane may also be closed completely on occasions during the works, however it’s expected that total closures will be limited to weekends to minimise disruptions.

There will be signs and posters in surrounding buildings about access restrictions, as well as on this website at least 48 hours before access is restricted.

Noise associated with the refurbishment works

Ultra-high pressure water blasting is currently being completed inside the elevated water tank to remove the old tank liner coating. This will then be followed by sandblasting and the application of the new tank liner coating.

This process is critical as it removes all the internal paint without any dust and minimises sand blasting requirements and the waste from water blasting.

Sandblasting of the internal steel is expected to be completed in the third week of August.

We apologise for the increased noise levels during business hours. Unfortunately, due to the nature of these processes it is very difficult to mitigate the elevated noise levels produced.

Once sandblasting is complete then the internal tank will be painted and the new roof installed.

We appreciate your understanding and tolerance while this infrastructure asset life extension project is completed in a difficult location.

Will it affect water quality and pressure?

You shouldn’t experience any change in water quality or pressure during the works, however if you have any concerns about your water quality or pressure, please call Power and Water on 1800 245 092.

Access restrictions for West Lane

Vehicle access to West Lane will be restricted on Sunday, 20 January, from 7am to 5pm, in order for crane works to be conducted safely on the 26-metre high structure.

During this time, vehicles over the height of 2.35 metres will have not have through access to West Lane and will be required to follow traffic management procedures in place via Knuckey Street.

Pedestrian access may also be temporarily restricted during crane works with alternate routes clearly signposted.

Updated September 18 January 2019

More information

For more information on these works, please contact our customer service team on 1800 245 092 or email customerservice@powerwater.com.au.