Casuarina Zone Substation 66kV outdoor switchyard replacement

Replacing the 66kV outdoor switchyard at Casuarina Zone Substation involved the installation of indoor 66kV Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) in a new building and three new 20/27MVA 66/11kV transformers to replace the outdoor 66kV switchgear and transformers. Construction commenced in October 2015 with commissioning completed in 2017.

The last stage of the project was to dismantle and remove old assets and outdoor equipment and landscape the cleared area.

The upgrade of Casuarina Zone Substation brings a number of benefits to the community including:

  • Improvement of safety by removing old above ground high voltage infrastructure and associated cabling.
  • Reduction of maintenance associated with the removal of oil filled assets.
  • Reduction of environmental risk with the removal of oil filled assets.
  • Reduction of risk to public and new assets during cyclone events.
  • Improvement of the aesthetics of the area.