Yirrkala water storage tank upgrades

Power and Water has replaced the two ground level tanks (GLT) which had a holding capacity of 180kL and 450kL.

The tanks have been replaced with two new stainless steel storage tanks both having a capacity of 760kL. 

The old tanks had reached their end of life expectancy and were in poor condition. The two new water storage tanks have increased the water storage capacity by more than double and in doing so will support future development of the Yirrkala Community.

The new multi-storage system allows for more effective operation and provides the opportunity to maintain the tanks by taking one tank off-line for maintenance purposes as the need arises without having water interruptions to the community.

The foundation for the old 180kL tank has been removed to make way for the new tanks and the old 480kL tank has been removed from site. The site of the old 480kL is now available for additional water storage demand in the future. 

The underground pipework has been upgraded to larger diameter pipes and fittings as well as the installation of new Mag-Flow consumption meters.

The electrical control cabling has also been upgraded as part of the project works.

The project was completed in the 2014/2015 financial year.

Yirrkala water tanks