Maningrida sewer upgrade works

Maningrida has been recognized as a Major Remote Town and in anticipation of future growth, Power and Water has commenced upgrading the existing sewerage system.

Improvements to current wastewater treatment practices and the delivery of adequate sewerage services will be established through the sewerage system upgrade which includes:

  • Construction of a new primary waste stabilisation pond, in addition to the two existing waste stabilisation ponds (sewage will be treated by the three ponds in series)
  • Extension of the existing effluent outfall to below the low tide point.

The new primary pond will be constructed within the dedicated works area adjacent to the existing waste stabilisation pond compound, located 1-2 kilometres from the community. 

The site has been cleared of all vegetation and topsoil. Works are well underway to excavate the large volumes of spoil that is being transported by trucks to a nearby laydown area. 

The existing effluent outfall discharge pipe is being extended by approximately 136 metres to a deeper sea channel; a transfer pump will be installed on the discharge line from the ponds to the sea outfall to cope with wet season in-flow into the ponds as well as allowing effluent to be pumped from the ponds during king tides.

The project is expected to be completed in the 2014/2015 financial year.

Maningrida sewer upgrade works