Advanced water treatment in remote communities

Power and Water has improved the taste and quality of water in remote communities by installing advanced water treatment systems at Yuelamu, Ali Curung and Kintore.

Water in communities is safe to drink, but most supplies are drawn from underground and the surrounding rock deposits tiny rock and sand particles in the water.

The advanced water treatment systems pass the water through a filter, which will remove these particles. This prevents pipes, taps and hot water systems from getting blocked.

In Ali Curung, the water treatment plants are near the bores.

In Kintore, it is at the bottom of the hill near the water tank, away from the business area.

In Yuelamu, it is at the top of the hill near the other water infrastructure. 

Residents in Kintore and Ali Curung may notice their water tastes less salty. In Yuelamu the treatment system will treat the bore water used once the dam has gone dry. The water might taste more salty than the dam water, but will be healthy and safe to drink.

A print friendly version of this information, with more details for community members, is available.