Howard River Park water mains replacement

Power and Water has commenced a program of works to progressively replace the Howard River Park water main to improve water supply to the area.

One section of the main between the corner of Howard Springs and Gunn Point Roads to Sittella Road has already been replaced.

A second stage of works will commence on 6 September for a period of five weeks.

Power and Water will be replacing 220 metres of pipe from the Pressure Reducing Valve pit on Howard Springs Road to the first scour valve on Gunn Point Road, including boring under Gunn Point Road.

A temporary water supply will be installed which will require short outages only.  All residences will receive 48 hours’ notice prior to any scheduled interruption.

While these works are carried out, a pressure monitoring and regulation system will help to regulate peak pressures, reducing the likelihood of further water main bursts.

There will be sporadic interruptions to service while these works are carried out. Advance notice will be provided to residents via planned works notification cards, the Power and Water Facebook page and an SMS notification where possible.

If you have any questions about these works please contact Power and Water on 8924 5268.