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Power and Water holds licences for generating and distributing electricity for the public in the Northern Territory. However, since April 2000 other retailers have had the opportunity to enter the market to retail electricity.

This means they enter an agreement with Power and Water to access the networks we maintain and purchase electricity from us or another generator. If you choose another retailer, they will manage your electricity accounts and handle your enquiries.

Customers in the Northern Territory are divided into tranches based on their minimum electricity use and were gradually introduced to the open retail market as follows: 

Tranche       Date of
      Minimum annual electricity
consumption per site (kWh)
1   1 April 2000   4,000,000 kWh
2   1 October 2000   3,000,000 kWh
3   1 April 2001   2,000,000 kWh
4   1 April 2002*   750,000 kWh
5   1 April 2010   160,000 - 750,000 kWh
6   1 April 2010   <160,000 kWh

Residential and small businesses customers (Tranche 5 to 6)

Most household and small businesses customers are in Tranche 5 or Tranche 6. 

These customers are covered by Power and Water's existing customer contract. Price arrangements have not changed, the prices are set and subsidised by the Northern Territory Government.

Other retailers who enter the market may access Power and Water's networks and can enter into an agreement with an electricity generator including Power and Water.

For more information on the changes, read the Utilities Commission's paper of February 2010.

Tranche 4 customers

The contractual arrangements for Tranche 4 customers are slightly different to those of Tranche 1 to 3 customers. The Tranche 4 customer price is governed by the Electricity Reform Act 2000 - Electricity Pricing Order (Gazetted 30 March 2004) as the prices continue to be partially subsidised by the Northern Territory Government. For a copy of this pricing order, please phone (08) 8924 7250.

Major customers (Tranche 1 to 3)

Major electricity users - consuming 750,000 kWh or more a year per site - have a customised rate and contract.

Major customers have access to:

  • A Power and Water dedicated account manager
  • Power and Water's monthly electricity consumption graphs
  • Electronic monthly bills
  • The option to pay by electronic funds transfer and
  • Regular email updates.

Major electricity users who are not supplied electricity through an electricity supply agreement may be charged for electricity based on a default tariff. This tariff is to reflect the risk involved in supplying these customers for an unspecified (possibly short) period.

If you require more information please contact customer services on 1800 245 092 or email

Major customers can review our default tariff pricing principles.