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The Northern Territory Cabinet approved an electricity regulatory reform program in 2013, which included the transitioning of network regulation from the Northern Territory’s Utilities Commission to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER). This program commenced with chapters 1, 6, 8, 10 and 11 of the National Electricity Rules (NER) coming into effect from 1 July 2016. This allowed PWC and the AER to commence preparation of the 2019-2024 regulatory proposal and prepare for operation under the NER on 1 July 2019.

Power and Water is required under the National Electricity Rules (NER) to submit a Regulatory Proposal including Regulatory Information Notices and Tariff Structure Statement (TSS) to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) in January 2018 as part of the 2019 Distribution Determination.  The business case for the Distribution Determination project was approved by the Board in December 2016.  Development of the regulatory proposal is now well underway with the commencement of data collection and customer engagement required to support this and future works once the transition process begins.

Power and Water need capable suppliers to meet planned and unplanned information and executive document drafting requirement in relation to the Network Regulatory proposal as well as Influence the regulatory framework that applies to Power and Water in the future

Power and Water is transitioning from a set of tailored jurisdictional regulatory arrangements to new arrangements based on national frameworks and institutions.  The trajectory of change is arguably steeper for Power and Water than was the case for other networks, which:

  • had been regulated by state regulators that were more aligned to the AER’s requirements from the mid–late 1990’s; and
  • transitioned to the NER in the mid-2000s when the AER was less sophisticated than it is now.

The five work streams required to transition to the NER are:

NT Transitional Arrangement Negotiation
Negotiate derogation arrangements with PWC, along with an AER engagement strategy ensuring a practical and cost effective transition to the NER.

Jurisdictional Code Review Program

Respond to the Utilities Commission’s Code review program seeking to align jurisdictional codes with the NER. This addresses how the current jurisdictional instruments will be modified if at all to align with work stream one.

These two work streams will influence the new regulatory arrangements.

Distribution Determination

Submit initial regulatory proposal to the AER by 31 January 2018 for network tariffs to apply from 1 July 2019. Engage with the AER to negotiate areas of non-compliance where it is too costly or impractical to comply.

This work stream will seek to achieve a sustainable revenue and pricing outcome for Power and Water for its next regulatory control period.

Power Networks Transformation Program

This work stream relates to the business change (staffing and financial) that will be required for opex and capex to the levels deemed ‘efficient’ by the AER. These levels will not be known until the release of the draft Determination.

Transition to compliance with the NER

This work stream addresses the activity that is required within Power and Water to comply with the NER and the revised jurisdictional instruments from their effective dates. Once work streams 1 and 2 are finalised, a review will be undertaken to determine all compliance obligations and a gap analysis of current systems and processes. The transition will involve engagement with the AER to negotiate areas of non-compliance where it is too costly or impractical to comply immediately.

These two work streams will transform Power and Water to increase efficiency and enable it to comply with its new regulatory obligations.

Applications for this list are closed until the review date, at which time it may be open for additional suppliers.

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NameLocation (State)Category
Barrington Treasury Services Pty Ltd NSWN/A
Gilbert + TobinNSWN/A
Energy Market Consulting Associates Pty Ltd NSWN/A
Enzen Australia Pty Ltd SAN/A
Farrier Swier Consulting Pty Ltd VIC N/A
Frontier Economics  Pty Ltd VICN/A
Houston Kemp Pty Ltd NSWN/A
Johnson Winter & Slattery SAN/A
McQuarrie Consulting NSWN/A
Nuttall Consulting NSWN/A
Newgate Communications Pty LtdVICN/A
Phacelift Consulting Services Pty LtdNSWN/A
PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting Pty Limited NTN/A
Synergies Economic Consulting QLD N/A
Wedgewood White Ltd NZN/A
WSP Australia Pty Limited NSWN/A
Yang Energy Consulting WAN/A

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