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List number SL001
Commencement date 4 July 2018
Reviewed Annually
Managed byStrategic Sourcing

About this list

For the delivery of general engineering design, project management, site supervision, asset management, planning and other specialist advice including subject matter expertise in a range of utilities management, technical expertise, and strategy development throughout the NT.

Future procurement activities that may utilise this Supplier List may include greenfield projects to meet new development works and projects that maintain existing standards and provide ongoing maintenance and operations of systems and infrastructure.

At the time of establishment, the List contained five (5) categories of service. From time to time, as the need arises, Power and Water may amend the List to include further categories or remove current categories as necessary. If further categories are added, all current List members will be able to apply for prequalification to the additional schedules by submitting an Application to Qualify.

Each category below contains brief details regarding the types of consultancy services that may be required. The details listed below are not intended to be extensive, nor should they be considered all inclusive.

Category 1 – Environmental

  1. Archaeological and anthropological assessments
  2. Environmental management systems and plans
  3. Environmental and social assessments
  4. Contaminated sites, site assessment and remediation
  5. Environmental legislation

Category 2 – Management

  1. Quality management systems
  2. Site supervision
  3. Asset management
    1. Systems and procedures, and conditions assessment
  4. Chemical and water management
    1. Including dangerous goods and hazardous substances
  5. Work health and safety systems
  6. Project management
  7. Planning and investigations

Category 3 – Engineering

  1. Surveys
  2. Cadastral
  3. Engineering
  4. Drafting
  5. Design and tender document development
  6. Safety
  7. Including compliance reviews
  8. Long term and short term upgrade programs

Category 4 – Economic, Accounting and Commercial

  1. Financial modelling
  2. Financial investment
  3. Economic regulation
  4. Accounting
  5. Economic advice

Category 5 – Specialist Utilities

  1. Civil, structural and geotechnical
    1. Structural certification
    2. Geotechnical investigations
    3. Structural maintenance/repair recommendations
  2. Power Networks Specialist
  3. Gas Utilities Specialist
  4. Water Services Specialist
    1. Wastewater (wastewater treatment systems, rising mains, pumping stations, system design and maintenance)
    2. Water production (pumping stations, dams, catchments, water quality, potable water production and supply, potable water treatment)
  5. Electrical and Mechanical
    1. Zone substations, transmission and distribution, building and LV services, renewable energy, power generation (diesel and renewable), control systems, communications and high pressure natural gas engineering

Conditions of tendering/quotation are standard conditions that outline the rules that apply to suppliers and the Power and Water Corporation when conducting a procurement process.

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SupplierTerritory EnterpriseCat 1Cat 2Cat 3Cat 4Cat 5
AAMYes  X  
AccentureNo    X
AdvisianNo    X
Alliance Power and Data Pty LtdNo  X X
Brian Blakeman SurveysYes  X  
Byrne DesignYes XX X
Campbell Project ManagersYes XX  
CardnoYes XX X
Cell Engineering (NT) Pty LtdYes XX X
Colby InternationalNo    X
Commercial and Advisory PartnersNo    X
CQ PartnersNo   X 
Cross SolutionsYes  X  
Durham Energy ConsultingNo    X
DWS SurveysYes  X  
Earl James and AssociatesYes  X  
Ellengowan EnterprisesYesX    
EnturaNoXXX X
EnzenNo     X
Ernst and YoungYesXX X 
Farrier Swier ConsultingNo   XX
Frontier EconomicsNo   X 
Future EffectNo   X 
Ganden Pty LtdNo XX X
Graeme Warren CarlossYes X   
GPA EngineeringYes XXXX
Hoff the Grid Pty LtdYes XX   X
Hunter H2ONo XX X
JacobsYesXXX X
KPMGYes    X
Low Ecological ServicesYesX   X
Marchment Hill ConsultingNo    X
Oakley GreenwoodNo   X 
Phacelift Consulting ServicesNo    X
Pritchard Francis Consulting Pty LtdYes  X X
RM Engineering Solutions Pty LtdNo  X X
Sleeman ConsultingNo    X
SuezNo    X
Synergies Economic ConsultingNo   XX
Tim's Design and Drafting NTYes  X  
Tonkin ConsultingYesXXX X
Tropical Water SolutionsYes    X
True North SurveyingYes  X  
Utility Services ConsultantsNo    X
Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec RFPYes XX X
WatconYes X  X

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