Contract details
Contract numberPXD00469-17
Business unit ownerCustomer and Strategy - Customer and Stakeholder
Contract dates13 April 2018 to 12 April 2021

About this contract

Assist Power and Water’s Marketing and Communications team manage internal and external marketing, communication, partnership and community engagement activities for the whole of the organisation.  This contract is has been broken down into eight parts, suppliers have been awarded either individual parts or all parts:

  • Part A – Public and Media Relations
  • Part B – Sponsorship and Community Partnerships
  • Part C – Crisis Communications
  • Part D – Displays and Events Coordination and Management
  • Part E – Strategic Communications
  • Part F – Creative Design
  • Part G – Digital Communications
  • Part H – Supply and Distribution

NameLocation (state)Category/region
Associated AdvertisingNTPart A, B, D, E
Bellette MediaNTPart B, D, E, F, G, H
CaptovateNTPart E, F, G
Coleman’s PrintingNTPart B, D, F, G, H
Global HeadquartersNTPart G
Global HR Recruitment T/ATreeti Mediation and ConsultingNTPart A, B, C, D, E, G
KWP AdvertisingNTPart E, F, G
Michels WarrenSAPart A, B, C, E, F, G
Shanna McNaughtNT Part G
Slim DigitalNTPart E, F, G
Sprout CreativeNTPart B, D, E, G
The ExhibitionistNTPart B, D, F, H
True NorthNTPart C, E

The panel will remain closed for a period of 12 months unless Power and Water determines that owing to changed circumstances the size of the panel is inadequate.

First anniversary date - 13 April 2019.

Power and Water may appoint additional members to the panel under the same assessment criteria contained in the original Request for Tender.

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