The future of electricity in the Territory

Australian Energy Regulator 2024-29 network plan

Our vision is to deliver value to all Territorians - now and into the future.

Power and Water is developing its future expenditure plans for its three regulated electricity networks.

  • Darwin-Katherine
  • Alice Springs
  • Tennant Creek

These plans will set out the expenditure required to operate and maintain the networks over a five-year period (2024-2029).

The plans must be submitted to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) by 31 January 2023.

Brendon Crown of Power and Water explains the Australian Energy Regulator process

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To develop our future expenditure plans we are engaging with a broad range of stakeholders. This will ensure that the final plans take into account:

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Power and Water’s engagement snapshot

  • Customer & Stakeholder Engagement
    People's Panels, Retail Forum, Future Network Forum, Customer Advisory Committee, key stakeholder engagement.

  • Develop expenditure plans
    Take insights and learnings from Future Network Readiness Plan, People's Panel, and forums to inform expenditure plans

  • Present & engage on preliminary expenditure plans
    Deep dives. Investment Options

  • Refinement of expenditure plans

  • Draft regulatory proposal released for public consultation.

  • Customer and Stakeholder Engagement
    Engagement on how Power and Water has sought to reflect customer and stakeholder feedback.

  • Refinement of expenditure plans

  • Submit regulatory proposal to the AER

Engagement Activities

The Forum provides the opportunity for Retailers to be engaged on key challenges for Power and Water.

This includes hearing from retailers:

  • How the challenges will impact retailers and;
  • Understand the retailers view on the future of the network.

The first Retailer Pricing Forum took place online on Tuesday 9 November 2021.

View the Retailer Forum Community Engagement Report - Nov 2021 PDF (838KB)

View the Draft Retailer Pricing Consultation - Nov 2021 PDF (4.27MB)

The session was held as part of early engagement on the 2024-2029 AER Regulatory Proposal. The  purpose of the event was to discuss opportunities of transitioning to a renewable energy future.

In particular, Power and Water sought feedback and insights from stakeholders on:

  • The role Power and Water plays in supporting the achievement of NT Government’s 50% renewable energy target by 2030.
  • Network capabilities required to support this transition.
  • Initiatives to help Power and Water bridge identified gaps in its existing capabilities.

Presentations at the Forum included:

  • Overview of Power and Water and the Changing Energy Landscape
  • The Darwin Katherine Electricity System Plan
  • The Future Network Pathways
  • The Electric Vehicle Strategy and Implementation Plan
  • The Future Energy Readiness Plan

View the Future Networks Forum presentation PDF (4.4MB)

View the Future Networks Forum report PDF (5.6MB)

View the Future Networks Readiness Plan PDF (1.3MB)

A People's Panel is a group of participants broadly representing residential customers in the Northern Territory.

The panels:

  • consider presentations and have the opportunity to ask questions of experts and provide feedback on scenarios
  • identify expectations for service levels, intentions on the take up of solar and other energy solutions
  • engage in small group discussions and activities to determine the level of support for future planning
  • test proposed tariffs, pricing signals and our risk management approach.

Panels convened in Darwin and Alice Springs November 2021 and a further round is planned for April 2022.

View the People’s Panel Report Summary Report 2021 PDF (2.8MB)

Focus groups were held in Alice Springs and Darwin in August 2021 across four dedicated sessions. Sessions established a baseline of customer experience and expectations.

The focus groups will include:

  • NT residential customers
  • low social economic customers
  • life support customers
  • Indigenous and English as second language customers
  • solar customers
  • urban and rural customers
  • advocate service supporting customers
  • senior/pensioner customers
  • business customers.

Our Customer Advisory Council is important to us. The Council provides insight from members representing the interests and views from a broad range of consumer and environmental advocates, industry and business groups and customers. Council members are encouraged to engage in robust discussions around various products or planned projects to ensure the many and varied views, ideas and opinions are considered prior to Power and Water making final decisions.

The Council is scheduled to meet four times per year with additional meetings to be held as required.

Read more about the Customer engagement for the Australia Energy Regulator 2024-2029 Revenue Proposal

Power and Water will be engaging with youth in the Northern Territory to explore their interest and understanding of renewables and their aspirations for electricity into the future. Consultation will be undertaken through interactive activities to explore knowledge, understanding and expectations of the future of energy in the Northern Territory.

Targeted engagements will include youth round table forums and high school engagement events throughout 2021 and 2022.

Northern Territory customers were interviewed at Darwin 2021 Show to provide their thoughts and opinions on the future energy network.

Video one - Reliability and affordability of Electricity

Video two - Renewables

Video three - Who is Power and Water