Power and Water is constructing a new water main in Fishermans Place. It will replace the existing water main that has reached end of life.

Works are expected to continue until the end of June 2019. During the works Fishermans Place will be open to traffic and will continue to provide parking for business customers.

We have contracted Mousellis and Sons Pty Ltd to undertake the works.

Construction will start opposite the Duck Pond, on the road shoulder in front of the Paspaley Ship Yard and will progress toward the shops. It will then cross Fishermans Place to the verge and cross the Fishermans Place/Frances Bay Drive intersection. It will then run along the verge and across the carpark in several places to connect to the retail outlets. Traffic access and parking will be maintained at all times and traffic management will be in place.

To limit the amount of disruption to businesses and customers, excavation and construction of the water main will be completed in sections of 30 to 40 metres at a time and only materials to be used on any given day will be on site.

When the new water main is complete a short supply interruption will be necessary to disconnect properties from the existing main supply and connect to the new main.

As the existing water main runs along the centre of Fishermans Place and through the centre of the carpark it will remain in place and be filled with stabilising sand once the new water main is operational.

Fishermans Place water main