For Territorians, water is the essential ingredient to every aspect of life. Water has shaped the culture, landscape and lifestyle of the NT for hundreds of thousands of years and continues to be critical today.

However, our current rate of water consumption in many parts of the NT is not sustainable. On average, Territorians use around twice the water per capita than the rest of Australia.

Power and Water Corporation is leading a Territory wide campaign to raise the profile of water and empower students to take an active role in being water smart. We are connecting with schools through the support of the Department of Education to tell ‘The Great NT Water Story’.

In order to capture The Great NT Water Story, Power and Water Corporation have developed a range of educational resources that allow students in schools, children and families all across the NT to develop their own personal water storybook. The Great NT Water Story explores how water has shaped the lives of people in our communities in the past and present, and how people can be more water efficient, before making a promise to help save water in the future. The resources include a student workbook and supporting teacher guide and are designed for Years 3-6, however they can be modified to suit other ages.

Download The Great NT Water Story resources

Download and explore this truly unique learning opportunity and see how your community can contribute to telling The Great NT Water Story.

Prizes for Schools

For schools participating in The Great NT Water Story, we ask that you save all of the students work and submit copies to Power and Water. Power and Water will compile these with the stories from across the NT and also award prizes for the best story and art winner.

For more information contact or 08 8995 5861