Darwin River Dam Levels

Darwin River Dam is Darwin's major water source, which refills during the annual wet season. The graph linked below shows the most recent dam levels. It is not uncommon for the spillway to overflow late in the wet season, with levels dropping in the dry season through heavy water use and evaporation.

Darwin River Dam is an ungated dam and spillway flow cannot be regulated. Spilling from the dam occurs in most years and is expected behaviour. Spillway overflow may last for periods ranging from days to weeks depending on rainfall.

During spillway overflow, river levels downstream of the dam may rise rapidly in response to further rainfall in the catchment. This may cause sudden changes in levels at road crossings downstream of the dam.

Power and Water does not provide information on downstream river levels, nor predictions about areas that may be inundated during normal spillway overflow. It is important to consider that localised rainfall also influences water levels in Darwin River downstream of the dam.

For current public warnings and advice please refer to the Secure NT website.