At Power and Water Corporation we are committed to protecting the health and well being of our staff, contractors and the general public to achieve zero harm. We continually review and implement processes and procedures to allow for the continuous communication between the Corporation and our contractors.

To assist with recording and managing events, we have implemented a new Governance, Risk, Audit, Compliance and Event (GRACE) management system. GRACE pulls together the Corporation’s legislative and licensing responsibilities, risks, incidents and hazards – all in one integrated system.

To ensure contractors have an easy and simple way to report these events, we are trialling an online reporting system where Power and Water contractors can log any any safety, environment or quality events.

Events that may be recorded include, but are not limited to, damage or loss, environmental, hazard report, improvement, injury/illness, minor injury, motor vehicle crash, near hit, product or service failure, property/equipment damage and security.

Go to online contractor event reporting to log an event.