Access rules to Power and Water apparatus

Access to Apparatus
Access to Apparatus

All Power and Water staff and contractors need to be authorised to work on Power and Water apparatus under access rules.

The access rules cover the requirements to access apparatus and confined spaces and to conduct hot work in high risk areas for or on behalf of Power and Water when such apparatus and confined spaces are:

  • being commissioned
  • worked on out of service
  • worked on in service or
  • decommissioned.

The access rules combines the safety requirements for staff and contractors who work on Power and Water apparatus, including electrical, water, sewerage and gas distributions, power stations and other Power and Water controlled areas.

If you are a Power and Water contractor

In order to streamline the authorisations process, Power and Water is introducing a new contractor management system, Sitepass, which will replace the system that currently manages the Access to Apparatus Rules (AAR). SitePass will be effective from 1 July 2015.

This change will not impact the AARs and authorisations will continue to be accessed from this page.

Changes effective from 1 July 2015

Contracting companies will be asked to self-register their employees and subcontractors. Every effort has been made to ensure that all contractor information is current before it is loaded into the new system however, each contracting company will be required to check their information and ensure it is accurate when they first enter the new system.

Contractors will be required to upload copies of all relevant licenses and training records to substantiate authorisation requests. All required information will be clearly detailed to assist with the process.

These changes will significantly streamline and improve the AAR process. 

Access Rules Training

Power and Water has an online training program to train contractors in the access rules :

Contractor's Registration > Access to Apparatus Rules online Training and Assessment System

Once registered, a training request will be sent to a  Power and Water Contact Officer for review.

The contact officer may decide that training is not required and you will be advised via email.

If the contact officer approves the training request you will be advised by an email generated from the system asking that the training be completed at your convenience online.

Note: The online training refers to the access rules only and authorisation to work for Power and Water will apply only if other relevant training required for the work/duties required has been undertaken.

For example, the online training will teach how confined space work is managed within Power and Water however relevant confined space training needs to be successfully completed to work in a confined space when working for Power and Water.

To arrange access authority please contact the appropriate Power and Water contact or contract manager.

Further information about Access to Apparatus Rules contact Deb Wilson on 892 45156 or email