Access rules to Power and Water apparatus

NOTE: From 1 January 2015 all authorisations and enquiries relating to Territory Generation are to be directed to Territory Generation’s Training Unit by calling 8924 6836 or emailing


From 23 March 2012, all Power and Water Corporation (PWC) staff and contractors need to be authorised to work on Power and Water apparatus under a new set of Access Rules (AR).

The AR (replacing the Green Book) covers the requirements for persons to access apparatus and confined spaces and to conduct hot work in high risk areas, for or on behalf of PWC when such apparatus and confined spaces are being:

  • commissioned;
  • worked on out of service;
  • worked on in service; or
  • decommissioned.

The AR combines the safety requirements for staff and contractors who will work on PWC apparatus, eg electrical, water, sewerage and gas distributions, power stations and other PWC controlled areas.

If you are a PWC contractor

Any training that may be required will need to be undertaken at cost to the contractor.

Please contact your PWC Contact Officer as soon as possible to register your staff for the training on a date best suited to you (every effort will be made to accommodate your request). Please advise your Contact Officer if your company/business works with multiple PWC business units.

An online training tool  has been developed to assist in undertaking training.

Access Rules Training

PWC has developed an online training program to train our contractors in the AR.

Contractor's Registration > Access to Apparatus Rules online Training and Assessment System

Once you have registered your request will go to a PWC Contact Officer who will review your request for training. If the PWC Contact Officer decides that you or your staff do not require training then you will be advised via email of the decision.

If the PWC contact officer approves your training request you will be sent an email from the system asking you to complete the training at your convenience.

Note that the online training refers to the AR only, you will only be authorised to work for PWC if you have undertaken other relevant training required for the work/duties you are being asked to do.

For example, the AR online training will train you in how confined space work is managed within PWC, you will still need to have successfully completed relevant confined space training to actually work in a confined space for PWC.

To arrange access authority please contact your coordinator/manager.