Corporate reports

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  • Energy Efficiency Opportunities Public Report 2013    PDF - 1.0 MBThis report provides information about opportunities identified to improve energy efficiency in power generating activities of facilities using more than 0.5 PJ of energy per year. This is a requirement under the Australian Government’s Energy Efficiency Opportunities Act 2006.
  • Environment reportsThis report provides information on corporate governance, performance in relation to our environmental objectives, and compliance with our statutory obligations.
  • Indigenous Essential Services annual reportsIndigenous Essential Services Pty ltd (IES), a not-for-profit subsidiary of Power and Water, was established in 2003 to provide electricity, water and sewerage services to remote Indigenous communities.
  • Statement of Corporate Intent This SCI provides information for three financial years, including Power and Water’s strategies, risks, investment plans and performance targets. The Shareholding Minister is invited to approve the budget for the financial year to which the SCI relates and note the financial projections for the following two years.
  • Water Quality reportsThis annual report provides further details on our water quality management system and the results of our water quality monitoring.