Suppliers and tenders

Power and Water is one of the largest buyers of goods, works and services in the Northern Territory and its procurement activities play an important role in the health of the economy.

Power and Water has its own Procurement Sourcing Rules that facilitate the implementation of its Procurement Policy and Framework. Section 36 of the Government Owned Corporations Act 2011 permits Power and Water to operate from its own Procurement Policy Framework.

Each year, Power and Water purchases over $300 million in goods, works and services and raises around 15 000 purchase orders. More than half of this demand is met by businesses located in the Territory and much of it from small and medium sized enterprises.

We need electrical equipment for the generation and distribution of electricity - generators, transformers, insulators and cable - as well as technologies to provide renewable energy sources. For water and waste water infrastructure, we purchase reticulation supplies, as well as pumps, filtration equipment and chemicals. In addition, we purchase office equipment and supplies for our many locations across the Territory.

We also need services in electrical and water infrastructure repairs and maintenance, grounds and vegetation management, as well as consultancies in engineering, graphic design, surveying and drafting services, market research, ICT, finance and legal and construction.

The information on this web page is designed to help your business find a tender opportunity, prepare all the documentation required, submit a winning bid and plan for future tender projects at Power and Water.

For more information view Power and Water's Procurement Framework.

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