Power Networks team
Power Networks team

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From Darwin to Alice and everywhere in between, Power and Water services cities, regional towns and remote communities.

Our people work in a range of fields, from electricians, accountants and engineers through to customer service staff. Career opportunities within the Corporation range from apprenticeships to senior management. We offer field and office roles, fulltime, part time, contract and shift work. 

Here you can find information about our employment opportunities, employee benefits and making the move to the Northern Territory.

Our values

Safety and environment:
Protecting the health and well-being of staff, contractors, general public and environment.

Transparent and accountable for all our actions.

Commitment to service:
Leading by example, continually improving and working as a team to deliver our services with passion and purpose.

Open, positive, constructive interactions to achieve optimal individual and business outcomes.

Respect and treat all people with courtesy, working cohesively to achieve our goals in a supportive, engaged and enthusiastic manner.