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Setting up MyPost Digital Mailbox is easy


Did you know you can now receive your Power and Water bills electronically?

Thanks to an exciting new partnership between Power and Water and Australia Post, you can now receive and manage your water and sewerage bills online.

With MyPost Digital Mailbox you can access your bills anytime, anywhere via any device with an internet connection. You can even set up payment reminders, pay your bills in just a few clicks and schedule payments.

MyPost Digital Mailbox is…


Once you have registered, MyPost Digital Mailbox gives you the power to handle mail on your own terms – with everything coming to one safe, convenient, secure location online.


You also have the power to use your time more efficiently by scheduling payments for upcoming bills and choosing how and when you’re notified of mail arrival.

Private and Secure

You can rest assured MyPost Digital Mailbox will keep your information safe by hosting entirely within Australia, full encryption from sender to receiver and is accredited by the Australian Government to help ensure a high level of privacy and security is met.

Open your free MyPost Digital Mailbox today!