Power and Water community support
Power and Water community support

Power and Water Corporation has a proud history of supporting our community with sponsorships ranging from the arts, sports, education, environment, business and community - reflecting the diversity of our customers and staff.

Power and Water has always been a supporter of "grass roots" organisations. We support community groups, projects, events and programs that align with our corporate values of commitment, integrity, safety, teamwork and communication.

The Corporation sees sponsorship as an opportunity to build relationships with stakeholders including customers, industry and the community in which we operate. Sponsorships must be Territory-based and have genuine benefits to Territorians.

Power and Water's sponsorship program aims at forming active and mutually beneficial relationships with organisations and communities, not merely through financial support but also through contributing and transferring skills, expertise and knowledge. This value can be financial, in-kind, or benefits related to visibility/exposure or publicity.

See our current partners and how to apply for sponsorship.