Power and Water is a government-owned corporation with a Shareholding Minister and a Portfolio Minister. The Hon David William Tollner MLA, the Treasurer, is the Shareholding Minister and the Hon Peter Glen Chandler MLA, Minister for Essential Services is the Portfolio Minister.

Each year the Statement of Corporate Intent defines the contract between government and the Corporation, and the Annual Report provides the results of the year’s performance and activities.

Power and Water Corporation Board

  • Chair | Mr Alan Tregilgas
  • Deputy Chair | Mr Ken Clarke
  • Director | Mr Richard Griffiths
  • Director | Emeritus Prof MaryAnn Bin-Sallik
  • Director | Mr Mervyn Davies
  • Director | Ms Helen Stanton
  • Director | Mr Ian Kowalick

Executive Management

  • Chief Executive | Mr Michael Thomson
  • Executive General Manager Strategy and Transformation | Ms Djuna Pollard
  • Executive General Manager Water Services | Mr Robert Brito
  • General Manager System Control | Mr Malcolm Conway
  • General Manager Power Networks | Mr John Greenwood
  • General Manager Gas Unit | Mr Antoni Murphy
  • General Manager Regions and Remote | Mr Len Griffiths
  • Chief Financial Officer | Mr Neil Siford
  • Senior Executive Manager PMO | Sam Day-Johnston
  • Senior Executive Manager Customer and Stakeholder | Ms Mary-Anne Gomatos
  • Senior Executive Manager Business Transformation | Ms Joanne Norton