About our business

Power and Water became the Northern Territory’s first government owned corporation under the Government Owned Corporations Act on 1 July 2002. This means we are mandated to operate at least as efficiently as any comparable business and to maximise the sustainable return to the Territory on its investment in the Corporation.

We must also follow government policy in the areas of fleet management, procurement and employment under the Public Sector Employment and Management Act.

We are a key partner in whole of government critical infrastructure protection and resilience programs and are members of the national advisory Energy Sector Group and Water Services Sector Group. We also have an integral role in the Northern Territory's counter disaster and all hazards emergency management arrangements.

Our services are either regulated or open to competition:

  • Electricity network services are regulated by the Utilities Commission.
  • Electricity generation services are open to competition.
  • Water and sewerage services are regulated with one licensed provider.
  • Retail electricity services are open to competition.

Natural gas is the energy of choice for more than 90% of our electricity generation.

We support the provision of electricity, water and sewerage services in remote Territory communities through our wholly owned subsidiary not for profit business Indigenous Essential Services Pty Ltd (IES). Services are provided under a ‘fee for service’ agreement with the Department of Planning and Infrastructure.